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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Heidi Klum

For the past 17 years, Project Runway has broken through fans’ perceptions of fashion and the stresses of finding footing in the fashion industry. Viewers are taken into the behind-the-scenes of fashion design and get to watch the struggles and triumphs of the hopeful designers as they attempt to take home the ultimate prize of becoming famous.

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Through the show’s time on TV, the dynamics and judges may have changed, but one host will always remain prominent in fans’ minds: Heidi Klum. Not only was she a host and judge for many years on Project Runway, but she also had a keen eye for fashion that many viewers idolized. Klum’s prominence on the show is massive, but she has also been able to make a name for herself outside of the show’s spotlight. Klum is a model, businesswoman, and mother, and has many unique things that make up the person she is.

10 She Was The First German Model For Victoria Secret

Heidi Klum walking down the Victoria's Secret Runway

In 1997, after working with several major fashion campaigns, Heidi Klum was approached with a modeling deal with Victoria’s Secret. Klum quickly signed a contract with the lingerie company and became the first German model to work for Victoria’s Secret. After her runway walk with Victoria’s Secret, Klum became a highly sought-after model.

After working with Victoria’s Secret for 13 years, she announced that she was retiring from the company. Even though she retired her angel wings, she still discusses the brand and her time working with them fondly.

9 She Is An Artist

Heidi Klum posing next to a desk she painted

On top of modeling, dancing, and singing, Heidi Klum has also stunned fans with her paintings and sculptures. She has created multiple paintings, many of which have been featured in art magazines and museums. She also has taken to social media to show off her artistic ability.

Klum also created a famous sculpture called “Dog with Butterflies” in 2002 to honor rescue dogs during the aftermath of 9/11.

8 She Is A Fashion Designer

Heidi Klum on America'sGot Talent

Long before Heidi Klum became a world-renowned model and businesswoman, she had a passion for fashion design. In her youth, she went to school for fashion design and was even going to apprentice under a fashion designer before pursuing her modeling career. On top of expanding her business endeavors, Klum has found the time to design for some very famous clothing brands.

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Klum has designed shoes for Birkenstock, clothing for Jordache, and jewelry for Mouawad. She also helped design Victoria’s Secret lingerie line called “The Body,” which was given the nickname she received after her first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show walk. Klum also designs a men’s clothing line for a German mail-order catalog called Otto.

7 She Is An Actress

Leslie speaks to Heidi Klum's character at a function in Parks and Rec

Heidi Klum has cemented her status in Hollywood as a “go-getter,” so it’s no surprise that she has dabbled in acting as well. The former model has starred in Ella Enchanted, Blow Dry, and has also made a few cameos appearances in movies like Ocean’s 8 and The Devil Wears Prada. Klum has also made cameo appearances in TV shows like How I Met Your Mother and Sex And The City.

Klum has also starred in multiple music videos, including Kelis’ “Young, Fresh n’ New,” Sia’s “Fire and Gasoline,” and ex-husband Seal’s “Secret.”

6 She Starred In A Video Game

Artwork from Katya Nadanova in the 007 video game Everything or Nothing

In 2003, Heidi Klum stepped into a very different role than fans were used to seeing from her: a video game. Klum has always seemed like a star that was willing to try new things in their career, so starring in a James Bond video game seemed to make perfect sense for the former America’s Got Talent judge.

The former model played Dr. Katya Nadanova, a villain in the James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing video game. Pierce Brosnan, Willem Dafoe, and Judy Dench rounded out the star-studded video game cast.

5 She Has Been Married Three Times

Heidi Klum and Seal posing for a photo and smiling

Heidi Klum has spent a lot of time in the spotlight, not only for her business endeavors but also for her various relationships.  She has been married three times: to Ric Pipino, Seal, and Tom Kaulitz. She married Pipino in 1997, but the relationship ended after five years. Klum’s most notable and spotlit marriage was to the singer Seal. The couple captivated the public eye over the course of their nine-year marriage. Klum and Seal share three biological children and Seal also adopted Klum’s oldest daughter.

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Klum is now married to Tom Kaulitz, a guitarist for the band Tokio Hotel. The couple wed in 2019, and are still living in marital bliss.

4 She Is The Second Highest-Earning Model

Heidi Klum walking down the Victoria's Secret runway

Heidi Klum has been a successful and active model for the past 29 years.  Not only has she solidified her fame in the modeling world, but she has also starred in various TV shows, movies, and music videos. She even has her own clothing and perfume lines and has also contributed designs to many famous clothing companies.

Klum has gained a net worth of about $160 million, making her the second highest-earning model of all time, the first being Gisele Bundchen.

3 She Has Four Children

Heidi Klum has been a proud mother since she became pregnant with her oldest daughter in 2003. She was fully open about her pregnancy with fans and molded her life around her new family. Klum embraced motherhood and even walked the Victoria’s Secret runway while she was pregnant.

Klum has since welcomed three additional children since her daughter Leni was born, and has proven she is a very hands-on mom. She consistently puts her children first and has made co-parenting with her ex-husband Seal seamless.

2 She Has Both Of Her Legs Insured

Heidi Klum definitely has shown her fun and quirky side to fans through her years of fame, but one thing that is definitely odd about her is that she has both of her legs insured. In 2004, a client of Klum’s had her famous legs insured for a staggering $2.2 million. However, one leg is worth slightly more than the other. Klum’s right is worth $1.2 million, while her left is only worth $1 million because of a slight scar.

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As bizarre as the insured legs may seem, Klum is not the only celebrity who has insured a valuable body part. David Beckham also has his legs insured for $195 million.

1 She Keeps A Bag Of Teeth As A Good Luck Charm

Heidi Klum has never been anything but open and honest with the public, but her good luck charm choice has still caused a lot of questioning from her fans. The former America’s Got Talent judge has admitted to carrying around a bag of her baby teeth as a good luck charm.

Although Klum is not shy about carrying her baby teeth as a good luck charm, it is something that she doesn’t overly advertise. However, she is not embarrassed by the charm and will display them proudly when someone questions her.

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