May 28, 2024


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43 Clever Beauty Products Under $10 You Didn’t Know You Needed From Amazon

The term “products you didn’t know you needed” can feel synonymous with unnecessary shopping — but when the products in question cost less than $10, there’s really no harm. Right? (At least, that’s what us beauty aficionados like to tell ourselves.) If you, too, identify as a beauty-obsessed shopper, you’ll be thankful for this list of clever beauty products under $10 from Amazon, because sometimes, you’ve just gotta scratch that shopping itch. And better to do so on a delightfully inventive product you’ll actually use than scouring the shelves of Sephora and getting tempted by another luxury serum that you probably don’t need.

If you can believe it, everything on this list really, truly costs less than $10 (some even ring up at under $5). And these products are genuinely clever. So clever, in fact, that you’ll wonder how on earth they boast the price tags they do. (Think: a color-changing lip balm, a body scrub in cube form, a primer that feels like putty, and self-tanning towelettes for your face.)

Whether your poison is makeup, skin care, or hair care, you’ll find plenty of options in every category. So scroll on to fill up your cart with the cheapest and cleverest beauty products on Amazon right now.


A Stack Of Compressed Skin Sponges That Expand Under Water

Keep a sleeve of these face sponges under your sink (and in your toiletry bag) so you always have a fresh one on hand. The compressed design makes them slim and easy to stash, even if you don’t have a ton of storage space, so they’re especially perfect for travel. Plus, it’s oddly satisfying to watch the disk expand when you run water over it. The gentle, cushy sponges feel amazing on your skin, whether you use them for cleansing, exfoliating, removing face masks, or something else.


The Easiest Way To Achieve Full, Fluffy, Natural-Looking Brows

Professional makeup artists and influencers alike swear by soap brows for achieving full, fluffy, Brooke Shields-esque brows. But rather than experiment with whatever bar of soap you have lying around (which can deposit a white film), pick up this handy soap brow kit instead. This comes with a square of translucent, glycerin-based soap that’s made for using on your brows, as well as a stiff spoolie bent at 90 degrees, designed to pick up the product and brush it evenly through your brows. Thanks to the tin packaging, you can throw this in your makeup bag without worrying about ruining the product.


A Putty-Like Primer Infused With Plumping Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid

e.l.f.’s Putty Primer is a cult-favorite for creating a beautifully smooth and even canvas for makeup (despite the name, the product blends easily into skin, and feels totally weightless). This Luminous version is enhanced with hyaluronic acid and collagen to hydrate and plump your complexion — an amazing choice for people with dry skin, or who prefer a dewier look. Amazon reviewers confirm this makes their skin look just as “perfected” as the original version, but results in a softer-focus, more radiant finish.


These Bronzing Towlettes For A Mess-Free, Streak-Free Tan

Whether you self-tan regularly or you’re brand new to it, you’ll appreciate how easy these bronzing towelettes make the whole process — just rub one all over your face or body (or both) and go, without worrying about streaks or messes. The individually packaged towelettes are ideal for bringing along with you on a trip; or, just slot them in your medicine cabinet without creating more clutter.


A Jar Of Single-Portion Exfoliating Cubes That Smell Like Champagne

How fun are these exfoliating sugar cubes? Each is perfectly sized for one full-body scrub, so you won’t have to worry about wasting product. Along with sugar, which works as a physical exfoliant, they’re blended with shea butter and aloe for soft, hydrated skin, while the sparkling champagne scent (a mix of citrus and florals) adds an extra decadent touch. You may be tempted to save these for special occasions, but at just under $10 for a jar, you can go ahead and use them weekly.


This “Hoof Cream” That’ll Give You The Strongest Nails Of Your Life

Yes, horse trainers do actually use this on horses to keep their hoofs strong. But the protein-rich treatment works just as well (even better, maybe) on humans to keep their nails and cuticles strong — consider it the nail pro’s best-kept secret. Amazon reviewers swear by it for treating and preventing weak nails that are prone to splitting and cracking, but it’s also great for keeping both the tips of your hands and your toes moisturized and soft.


A Genius Tinted Lip Balm That Adjusts To Your Skin’s pH Level

Maybelline Baby Lips are cult-classic drugstore lip balms, but this one, My Pink, is the cleverest of the bunch: It adjusts to your skin’s pH level to create a pink shade that’s specifically suited to your unique skin tone. An ever-so-slightly radiant finish leaves your lips (and your whole face!) looking fresh and glowy. The creamy formula blends beautifully, so you can easily use this as a dewy, subtle blush, too.


This Softening Hand Mask That’s Shaped Like A Pair Of Gloves

You’ll be so glad you stocked up on these Aveeno hand masks come wintertime. Each glove-shaped mask contains a nourishing, fragrance-free blend of shea butter, prebiotic oat, and cica to help repair your skin barrier and combat dryness and cracking. Just slip on the gloves, hang out for 10 minutes, then work the remaining cream into your hands for soft, intensely nourished skin.


A Unique Body Oil/Gel Hybrid For Less Than $5

This body oil gel combines the refreshing feel of a gel with the deep hydration of an oil (though the formula is spiked with cocoa seed butter for even more nourishment). Plenty of Amazon reviewers confirm this is moisturizing enough to use during freezing-cold winters, and it leaves your skin looking as radiant as if you’d slathered it in baby oil — without the greasy, heavy residue.


This Plumping Lip Oil Tucked Inside An Adorable, Pill-Shaped Container

This pill-shaped lip oil is undeniably adorable, and precisely the right size and shape to slip into the micro-est of your micro bags. Inside, you’ll find a lip oil infused with zingy ginger essential oil, which encourages a natural plumping effect; plus vitamin E for soft, conditioned lips. Smooth it on to prep your lips for lipstick application, layer it over a matte lip color for a lustrous finish, or wear it alone for a subtly glossy, plumped-up look.


This Genius Mask That Strengthens Your Hair & Refreshes Your Color

With hues like aquamarine, magenta, and lavender, these color-depositing hair masks let you get experimental with your hair color at home; but the color fades gradually with every shampoo, so you don’t have to commit to a long-term change. (Alternatively, you can opt for a subtler shade like Cocoa or Champagne to refresh your usual color.) The formulas are packed with strengthening and moisturizing ingredients like argan oil and hydrolyzed soy protein, so they’re just as beneficial for your hair as a typical deep conditioner.


A Lip Exfoliator That You Apply Like A Balm

Lip scrubs are great for making your pout super soft, but they can be messy to apply when you buy one that’s packaged in a jar, as is usually the case. This one, on the other hand, is cleverly designed in the shape of a stick of balm, so all you do is glide it over your lips to reap its smoothing and polishing benefits. And because it’s made with moisturizing ingredients in addition to exfoliating sugar crystals, it leaves your lips feeling nourished and soft, not dry.


This Under-Eye Stick That Feels Cooling & Refreshing

When your eyes are feeling tired, puffy, or dry, glide on this stick, which is made with mineral water from Iceland, so it delivers an immediately refreshing and hydrating sensation. You can use it both under and over makeup for a cooling anytime treat, and if you really want to take things to the next level, you can store it in your fridge.


A Purifying Sheet Mask Made With Charcoal, Pomegranate, & Mushroom

MEDIHEAL is one of the most popular sheet mask brands in Asia, so if you’ve never tried their products before, what are you waiting for? All of their masks are great, but this one is especially unique. It’s made with binchotan charcoal, mushroom and pomegranate extracts, and adenosine to absorb shine, blur and purify pores, and promote generally smoother, more even, more radiant-looking skin. Basically, it does everything you could want from a face mask at once.


These Tip Guides To Give Yourself A Salon-Level French Mani At Home

Giving yourself a pro-level French manicure couldn’t be any easier when you have the Orly half-moon guides. You simply place one onto your nail, apply your white polish to the tip, let dry for a few minutes, and coat with a clear pink or nude polish. Voila — a perfect French manicure with barely any fuss.


A Peel-Off Eyebrow Gel For Temporarily Tinted Brows

Apply this tinted gel onto your brows and leave it there for about two hours, and when you peel it off, you’ll look like you just got your eyes professionally tinted. Most impressively, the tint should last several days, depending on how often you wash your face (and what types of cleansing products you use).


Every Tool You Need (& Then Some) For DIY Face Masks

For just $5, this kit gets you every tool you need (and some you never knew you needed) for a pro-level DIY masking session, like a mixing bowl, measuring spoons, a spatula, and silicone face brushes for applying your homemade product. Use it to mix up clay masks, yogurt masks, body scrubs, and so much more. As an added bonus, it also comes with a few handy products for travel.


A Zodiac-Themed Lip Balm Made Of All-Natural Ingredients

Not only do each of these Crazy Rumors lip balms have zodiac-themed packaging, but each formula is made with different ingredients that represent the star sign in question. For example, Leo, a “fire blend,” is made with zingy citrus and spices, while Aquarius, an “air blend,” contains vanilla and lavender. The balms are made with completely naturally derived ingredients and cost less than $5 a pop. Stock up for all your friends — they make the perfect small but thoughtful gift.


These Silicone Lip Brushes That Gently Exfoliate Your Lips

For $5, this order comes with two dual-sided silicone lip brushes in two bristle sizes, both of which work to gently exfoliate your lips and encourage blood circulation (which can make your lips look temporarily plumper). These come in handy for pre-lipstick prep, especially if you’re a fan of matte or liquid formulas that are notoriously unforgiving of flaky lips.


A Micellar Water That’s Infused With Rosewater & Glycerin

There are so many reasons why this Garnier micellar water belongs in your cabinet. For one, it takes off even the most stubborn makeup with ease — and yes, that includes waterproof mascara. For another, it has a water-light consistency and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated, thanks to the rosewater and glycerin in the formula. And since a little goes a long way, this big, affordable bottle will last you ages.


This Color-Correcting Kit That’s Comparable To A Pro Palette

Whatever the discoloration you’re hoping to address in your complexion, there’s a shade in this palette for it — including green to cancel out redness, lavender to brighten, and yellow and peach to reduce purple or blue tones under your eyes. The ultra-creamy consistency blends discreetly into your skin, and it won’t cake up under your concealer or foundation. At just $8, this is a way more affordable version of the color-correcting palettes all the pros use.


A Rose & Kombucha Face Mist That Helps Balance Your Skin’s Microbiome

Other than being a multipurpose product, the cleverness of this Pacifica face mist lies in its headlining ingredient: kombucha! The black tea ferment is packed with probiotics, which are just as beneficial for balancing and strengthening your skin’s microbiome as they are for your gut’s. Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid and witch hazel hydrate your skin, and a hint of vitamin C brightens and offers antioxidant protection. This spritz also contains rose water — amazing for its antibacterial and aromatherapeutic properties — though this is also available in tropical Pineapple Flower and Coconut Essence scents.


This Water-Gel Tint Housed In A Cute & Convenient “Popsicle” Packaging

Multitasking products like this K-beauty tint are inherently clever, but you also can’t deny the cleverness of this popsicle-inspired packaging — there’s a doe-foot applicator on the other side of the “stick” for easy, mess-free application. This formula is a gel-like take on the classic Dear Darling Water Tint, so the texture is a bit thicker and less fiddly than its more watery cousin. It still deposits the surprisingly intense, long-lasting wash of color you’d expect from a tint, which you can dab on your lips, cheeks, and even your eyelids for a monochromatic look.


A Handy Tool For Scalp Massages & Salon-Worthy Shampoos

Use this shampoo brush when you wash your hair for a salon-worthy lather in your own shower; or, use it on dry hair for a circulation-boosting scalp massage anytime. The silicone bristles are the ideal balance between soft and firm, so they’ll offer a blissful massage without tangling up your hair (you can actually use it as a brush, too). Plus, the ergonomic grip keeps this firmly in your hand while you’re sudsing up.


These Exfoliating Washcloths That Seamlessly Slough Away Dead Skin

A staple in Korean households and spas, these exfoliating washcloths are amazingly effective for sloughing off dead skin, leaving it super-smooth when you step out of the shower or bath (you’ll literally see the dead skin flake off your limbs — gross, but so satisfying). This order comes with eight cloths for just $5, and since you’ll get many uses out of each cloth, this one-time purchase will last you a solid year.


A Rose-Scented Face Mist You Can Use So Many Different Ways

This multipurpose face mist can be used three ways: To create a hydrated canvas for makeup; to set your makeup with a dewy finish; and to refresh your skin throughout the day whenever it’s feeling or looking dull. (Pro tip: You can also use it to dampen your makeup sponge in lieu of water.) It’s packed with good-for-skin ingredients like panthenol and green tea extract for calm, hydrated skin, while the subtle rose fragrance adds another luxe touch. It’s also available in cucumber or coconut, if you prefer fresher or fruitier scents.


This Magnetic Eyelash & Eyeliner Kit For Just $10

This magnetic eyelash kit is an incredible deal: You’ll get seven false lashes in varying styles, from wispy and natural-looking to thick and dramatic; two tubes of waterproof magnetic eyeliner; and an eyelash applicator — all for just $10. The lashes themselves are great quality, so you can reuse them several times to stretch your dollar even further.


A Japanese Exfoliator That Gives You Baby-Soft Skin

Get the softest skin of your life with this exfoliating gel from Japan. Put it on dry skin, let it dry for about a minute, then massage it onto your face (or body — you can use this anywhere) and rinse off. You’ll see all the dead skin, dirt, and other gunk coming off in seconds. You can also use this on your hands and feet, if you’re experiencing dryness or flaking there, too.


These Disposable Eye Stencils That Can Also Be Used To Catch Fallout

You can use these under-eye pads for several purposes: First, to act as a guide for flawless cat eyes and angled eyeshadow, and second, to catch eyeshadow fallout while you’re doing your makeup. Or, if you’re a professional, you can use them for lash tints and lash extensions. One Amazon reviewer raved, “Literally a game changer! I have gotten so many compliments on makeup now after using them, they provide clean lines and save time for that makeup routine where the eyeshadow would fall on your cheeks. I will buy them forever going forward.”


A Long-Lasting Bar Soap Made With Pore-Clearing Salicylic Acid

Upon first glance, this may just seem like a simple bar of soap — but it’s not. It’s made with the pore-clearing ingredient salicylic acid, so it’s great for anyone who’s prone to blackheads, acne, keratosis pilaris, or generally congested, bumpy skin. In other words, it’s an over-achieving bar soap, and you can use it on both your face and body. Over 10,000 Amazon shoppers gave it a five-star review or rating.


These Silicone Face Masks That Keep Your Sheet Masks From Slipping Off

These silicone face masks make wearing slippery sheet masks about a hundred times less annoying, since they loop around your ears to hold the mask in place. A strictly necessary purchase? Not quite. But at just $7 for a pack of five, it’s a small price to pay for making your at-home spa ritual actually relaxing, not irritating.


A Durable, Pro-Quality Nail File — Made Of Glass

If you hate the “nails on a chalkboard” feeling of traditional emery boards, you need this glass nail file in your life. It glides across your nails smoothly, evenly, and gently, with none of that annoying grating sensation (or, worse, splitting or peeling brittle nails). Plus, the frosted glass design is so pretty. You can wash it with soap and water to clean it, then slot it in the included cover to keep it sanitized when you store it. It’ll last you much longer than a traditional nail file, too.


This Exfoliating Foot Mask That Sheds Off Dead Skin Like A Snake

Want baby-soft feet? Then you need these best-selling foot masks, which boast over 15,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. Designed to be worn like a pair of socks, they’re drenched in an essence that’s rich in moisturizers and exfoliants, most of which are botanically derived. After wearing them for about an hour, massage the remaining essence into your skin and go about your business as usual. Within a week, all your dead skin will start to shed off, just like a snake. Though it sounds gross, the results are super satisfying.


A Packet Of Body Wipes To Refresh Yourself Anytime, Anywhere

Pop these Bliss body wipes into your gym bag, overnight bag, or before heading out on those unbearably hot, humid summer days. The formula soothes, cools, and sops up sweat while you’re on the go, while the zingy lemon and fresh sage scent masks unwanted odors. They’re damp enough to feel like you’ve gotten a thorough cleanse, sans shower, but your skin will dry down instantly.


This Cat-Ear Headband That’ll Make You Feel Cute When You Wash Your Face

It’s a simple concept to be sure, but if you don’t already use a hair band when you wash your face, you’ll be shocked by how much of a difference it makes. And while any hair band would do, why not pick up one that’s shaped like a pair of cat ears for just $6? Not only does it serve a functional purpose, but it’ll add a touch of whimsy to your cleansing (or masking) routine, which will make it feel that much more satisfying. And of course, no more wet hair in your face.


A Retractable Kabuki Brush With A Protective Cap

The perfect makeup brush for travel, EcoTools kabuki brush can be twisted down to a compact size and covered with its cap to keep it protected from the debris inside your bag. Kabuki brushes are also among the most versatile makeup brushes out there, since they can be used with just about any type of face makeup (like powder foundation, bronzer, blush, setting powder, et cetera). The bristles are high-quality, too — with proper care, this brush will last you years to come.


This Soothing Aloe Gel In The Most Clever Packaging

Sure, there’s nothing inherently groundbreaking about pure aloe vera gel — but what sets this one apart is its clever packaging, which not only looks cool, but serves a functional purpose, too. Shaped like an aloe leaf, it stands upright (so it’s perfect for keeping on the shelf of a fridge door) and disperses the perfect amount of product every time, unlike most aloe gels that come in a big tub. The non-sticky moisturizer can be put anywhere on your face or body that could use a soothing and refreshing dose of hydration.


A Honey-Infused Lip Balm In The Cutest Packaging

This FRUDIA lip balm doesn’t just look cute — though it definitely does do that — but it’s also incredibly nourishing, thanks to a clever (and delicious sounding) combination of honey and blueberry juice. It goes on clear, where it sits on top of your lips like a thick balm to eliminate flaking, while a dose of collagen in the formula provides a subtle plumping effect. Bonus points for the balm’s satisfying, sour-sweet flavor.


This Body Wash & Scrub Spiked With Invigorating Coffee

The perfect complement to your a.m. shower, this body wash/body scrub hybrid is made with Arabica coffee extract to literally get the blood moving (caffeine boosts blood circulation and works as an anti-inflammatory), while coconut oil keeps your skin moisturized. Ultra-fine granules give your skin a gentle polish, so you’ll step out of the shower feeling soft, radiant, and ready to take on the day.


A Simple, But Handy Tool For Applying Skin Care Products More Conveniently

When you’re applying face masks or other skin care products, use this handy spatula so you don’t have to get your fingers dirty. It’s also useful for scooping out products like cleansing balm and creams, so, again, you don’t contaminate them with whatever’s on your fingers. One Amazon reviewer commented, “This is perfect!! I have fake nails and would always get my moisturizer caught under my nails and this was the perfect solve.” Meanwhile, a different shopper found another clever use for this product: “I have also used it chilled in the freezer to soothe morning under eye puffiness, and especially love it for that purpose,” they wrote.


These Silicone Face Brushes To Gently (& Cleanly) Apply Face Masks

A clever way to upgrade your face-masking routine? Paint your mask on with a silicone brush. Not only do they prevent your fingers from getting dirty, but they’ll also keep your product and skin hygienic by keeping your fingers out of the jar and off your face. These work particularly well with messy powder masks, like clay or charcoal — just pour the powder into a bowl, add water, and use the brush to mix and apply the concoction. That said, you can also use these for plenty of other things, like rich body butters and any other type of mask, peel, or cream.


A Three-Sided Stencil For Pro-Level Eye Makeup Every Time

This eyeliner/eyeshadow stencil has three different sides to allow you to create all sorts of (flawless) eye makeup looks. As a bonus, the stencil comes with a magnifying mirror and a suction cup to adhere onto any flat surface so you can always see what you’re doing.


This Vitamin-Rich Eyelash Adhesive That Supports Stronger Lash Growth

If you wear false lashes, why not use a lash adhesive loaded with vitamins? In here, vitamins A, C, and E support healthy lash growth, while the adhesive itself is the clear, hypoallergenic, and waterproof formula pro MUAs swear by. Stick these on any pair of falsies for a faux-lash look that won’t totally ruin your natural lashes.