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7 Summery Perfumes That Will Keep You Fresh This Season

Miss Dior

Miss Dior
By Ryanne Co

By Ryanne Co

May 18, 2021

Summer is upon us once again and for those of us who love scents as much as seasons, it’s time to pick out the perfect perfume

It’s easy to recognise the transportive and emotional power of our senses. Through our olfactory sense, we can remember a time, a place, a person, or a season. This summer, we bring back the zest and vibrant dynamism of the season through five summery perfumes you absolutely must add to your boudoir. 

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Rose N'Roses, Miss Dior
Rose N’Roses, Miss Dior
J'adore Dior
J’adore Dior

Miss Dior and J’adore are two of the most feminine fragrances from the house of Dior. This summer, keep sweet floral notes close at hand for a gentle reminder of the blooms of the season.

Miss Dior, made popular by the enchanting Natalie Portman, bottles the aroma of sensual Grasse rose, tinged with rosewood. Hints of Calabrian bergamot marry those from the bold Damascus rose to create a honeyed perfume that’s become a cult favourite.

On the other hand, J’adore combines the multiple fragrances of a floral bouquet into an enchanting gold cylinder. Both fruity and floral, J’adore combines ylang-ylang with Damascus rose, jasmine grandiflorum and jasmine sambac to create a voluptuous scent to tickle your fancy. 

From the house of Hermes, the Eau des Merveilles Bleue is a fantastic summer choice. Its aroma is far from overbearing, instead it’s redolent of the smells of the sea. There are woody notes with delicate hints of juniper berry and patchouli, guaranteeing a refreshing bouquet all around. 


Clean Reserve
Clean Reserve

Clean Reserve brings about a heady yet refreshing duo of scents with Rain. Exotic and energising, the aroma revitalises patrons with hints of dewy, fresh plants redolent of the Amazon forest. 

The sensual Skin perfume is another top choice; it has musky floral undertones and is reminiscent of a warm embrace. Organic without being overbearing, this perfume is perfect for those who prefer things au naturel.  

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Jo Malone’s Lime & Basil makes for an unsurprising yet exciting combination. It comes with an invigorating top note of mandarin to bring zest to its heart note of basil—a perfect equilibrium for our senses. Reminiscent of the Caribbean, this perfume is sure to transport you to sunnier, more exciting days. 

The name itself, Gardenia Rattan, is reminiscent of gentle summer sunlight. Birthed by the craftsmen at Aerin Lauder, the Gardenia Rattan perfume was lovingly concocted to be an ode to summer. In it, we smell the marriage of “sparkling wet marine” notes and an olfactory bouquet of gardenia, tuberose, and tiare Tahiti. Tropical yet feminine, this perfume seems perfectly suited for lazy days on lush green islands. 

The Ikat Jasmine is a more exotic blend of aromas. In it, we see a pairing of jasmine sambac and a jasmine Egypt infusion. A touch of honeysuckle is paired with a tinge of tuberose and sandalwood to create a subtly intense perfume that tantalises and captivates. 

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Frederic Malle takes us on a journey through lush French verdure with En Passant. Carrying with it the pristine aromas of lilac, cucumber, wheat, and white musk, this wonderful parfum takes us on an exciting sweep across the European countryside to experience the full freshness of the summer season.

L’Occitane’s Citrus Verbena is cult favourite. Bright and zestful, this perfume packages all the youthful joys of summery days. Whiffs of sunny citrus fruits intermingle with the scent of organic Provençal verbena to create a sparkling perfume that imparts joie de vivre