December 2, 2023


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Automobiles expanded consumers selections to malls

Autos in the Archives, ‘Burbs  Part 2

In this next installment of our series Autos in the Archives, we appear at how the motor vehicle modified the landscape of consumerism in America. By the mid-20th century the automobile was king, and the new concept of urban sprawl was synonymous with cars’ dominance.

Suburban subdivisions ended up popping up swiftly across America. Cars authorized household development to be spread farther and farther from the city cores into undeveloped locations,  since they permitted people today to get to function, faculty and procuring with unparalleled ease.

Savannah archives:Autos drove suburbs advancement Oglethorpe Marble & Granite constructed early burial, public monuments

Polly Electric power Stramm:Obtaining the dust on mid-century streets in Savannah

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