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Benigna Parfums Exquisite Perfumes Flies The Miami Skies With Their Shoppers

Benigna Parfums Assortment Set superbly admired and in the arms of beautiful fragrance enthusiasts.

The globe renowned perfumer who creates the Benigna Parfums’ signature Perfumes.

Benigna Parfums Selection Set gender-neutral perfumes.

Inspiring Luxury Perfume Model Specifics Remarkable VIP Offer to Customers

MIAMI, FLORIDA, US, July 8, 2021 / — Benigna Parfums, a fusion of artistry and storytelling, provides clients unparalleled buyer working experience as a result of exceptional air delivery of orders and complimentary helicopter tours for pick clients.

Benigna Parfums has charmed the luxury perfume marketplace by way of their exceptional capacity to fuse Artistry and Compelling Storytelling- even likely as far as producing the eminent Hollywood film titled Impossibility Nonexistent. This has found the well known area of interest brand segue into a similar footpath of other field colossals- which includes Chanel and Dior, who introduced the motion pictures ‘’Coco Prior to Chanel’’ and ‘’Dior and I’’ which detail the proliferation of their brand names reputations on a international degree and their consequent rise to recognized icons in the fashion sector.

Benigna Parfums brand’s perfumes make use of higher-finish substances- including musk, oud, Ambergris and Orris, and scarce bouquets – to create fragrances that are painstakingly beautiful, which are aged for as prolonged as five years so as to assure that the good quality of the ensuing fragrances is unmatched.

The Benigna Parfums’s perfumer, a world renowned perfumer, Cecile Zarokian, who produces primarily fantastic fragrances claimed “ Benigna Parfums signature scents provide an understated class.” These contain the Floral Trio Assortment, which has been titled by quite a few as the epitome of class, artistry, and elegance. It is delivered in a exclusive white box which consists of 3 unique luxurious fragrances, and consists of Swarovski crystals which playfully glisten all around the 24K gold-plated necks of the bottles.

The 3 transformative fragrances are:

1. Absolute Celebration: A shiny, fruity floral stuffed with optimistic energy that celebrates the supreme victory of achievement.
2. Leading Amour: A fragrance for cherishing unique moments, that includes lush white tuberose and heliotrope, melding with the citrusy tang of bergamot, tonka bean, clove, and rare woods.
3. Escape Velocity: Boosting self-assurance with the heady, refreshing floral extraordinary notes of white rose, bergamot, heliotrope, and resinous woods.

The brand’s tackling of environmental facets have not been coincidental, with the resourceful director earning a acutely aware work to set up the distinctions amongst glass and crystal in relation to the natural environment- detailing the notably different manufacturing system concerned. The manufacturer has moreover ensured that all cardboard and picket packing containers utilised are derived from trees which are certified by the Environment Land Have confidence in (WLT) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and that all enterprise bottles are refillable. This allows their buyers to safeguard their stunning art creations for a life time, refilling them when important and potentially passing them on later on.

“True sustainability is vital to us and we stand by that commitment,” stated Benigna Ajuogu. The revolutionary and eco-conscious technique of the manufacturer dictated that the timeless bottles need to be refillable, thereby making it possible for consumers to make these breathtaking creations a own souvenir to be appreciated for a lifetime and passed on.‘’Crystal glass is not recycled in the exact eco-aware way that crystal is’’- suggests by Benigna Ajuogu.

About Benigna Parfums
Centered in Miami and in Paris, Benigna Parfums is a transformative and gender-neutral perfume brand name, a fusion of artistry and storytelling. Benigna Parfums strives to give buyers unique, quality, luxury perfumes with unparalleled client experience. “For our storytelling, we are presently doing the job on our initially Hollywood attribute movie, which commences filming this Summer! A correct tale of enjoy and passion satisfies road blocks,” claims Benigna Ajuogu. As part of its overarching storytelling concept, the brand is also building a Hollywood motion picture with an inspiring characteristic movie identified as Impossibility Nonexistent.

Discover a lot more about the story of Benigna perfumes at: & @Benignaparfums. For the hottest promotions and updates, comply with them on social media: Instagram, Pinterest.

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