September 23, 2023


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Diving deep into Ferragamo’s new scents

If you were being to pick out a private scent, what would it be?

Just cannot decide? You really do not have to settle on a singular expression with Salvatore Ferragamo’s new silk perfume anthology, Storie di Seta. Motivated by the Italian maison’s iconic silk creations and consisting of 4 eau de parfums, the assortment is developed to be layered and customised for unpredicted juxtapositions and countless possibilities you can call your personal.

The oneiric landscapes of Storie di Seta offer an olfactory playground for your imagination to operate wild. Giardini di Seta is a floral-fruity essence with juicy best notes of sweet-tangy rhubarb and tender sakura flowers that mellows to a heat musky end from Madagascar vetiver. Green, earthy freshness arrives by means of in the Giungle di Seta, with its velvety vapours of eco-friendly pea, peony blossoms and musk. The Savane di Seta, a citrus-dominant scent, features a carrot accord that qualified prospects to the powdery, floral notes of Orris at its coronary heart with milky undertones of Indian sandalwood. My favorite of the whole lot is the Oceani di Seta, which begins off salty and aqueous like the ocean, followed by a tender, floral airiness by way of magnolias and heliotrope. Underneath the four scents is an distinctive signature accord that Ferragamo calls the “Filo di Seta” (or silk thread), which lingers at the base of each and every composition for seamless fusion and layering with other fragrances.

Created with sustainability in mind, the Storie di Seta anthology is 62.2% renewable and 99.1% biodegradable. Its olfactory DNA attributes Lilybelle, a new molecule of dewy lily of the valley obtained from orange peel by inexperienced chemistry Timut Pepper, an ethically sourced spicy pepper oil with exclusive accents of pink grapefruit, yuzu and woody floral tones and Neo Soie Velours De Laire, a silk-inspired accord that binds the fragrances to Ferragamo’s legacy.

The bottles, embellished with wonderful nature-encouraged illustrations, are also an ode to the house’s legendary silk creations. Giardini di Seta portrays a fantastical back garden with lavish tropical bouquets and birds Giungle di Seta evokes the lush jungle with wealthy foliage in shades of environmentally friendly Savane di Seta captures a wild savannah sunset with stylised leaves and scarce animals and Oceani di Seta provides an underwater paradise of corals, sea plants and maritime daily life.

Forward, Symrise perfumers and creators of Storie di Seta Emilie Coppermann and Aliénor Massenet give us a deeper glimpse into the making of the perfumes and how to produce your possess own scent.

Explain to us about your knowledge collaborating with Ferragamo.
Aliénor Massenet (AM): I adore the way Ferragamo treats like a masterpiece, from style to perfumes. Every single very small element is viewed as. I’m honoured to develop the perfumes in Storie di Seta as I resonate incredibly a great deal with the brand’s values.

Emilie Coppermann (EC): The Ferragamo manufacturer is a loved ones enterprise with values that are pricey to me. They regard the operate of the creator and value the resourceful tactic. When it comes to raw supplies, they meticulously select the kinds they want to have in the perfumes even though always respecting the sourcing.

Scent is a little something deeply personalized and subjective. Individuals understand smells in a different way. How do you then do the job with a quick?
AM & EC:
We maintain an eye on the new current market developments and fragrance bestsellers in every single market place. We have considerably data thanks to our Shopper Insight division at Symrise with regards to consumer’s olfactive choices globally. We consider all this info into thing to consider to create the most effective scents responding to this criteria.

Aliénor Massenet

What was your inventive system for the collection?
AM and EC:
We began with a figurative strategy that we then transcribed into thoughts. It started with a 4-handed silk thread accord, composed of noble pure essences (Timut Pepper) and other resources that react to an solution of innovation (Neo Soie Velours De Laire) and sustainable enhancement (Lilybelle). The silk thread also encapsulates the Ferragamo model though staying real to our particular types.

Many thanks to the Filo di Seta accord, these fragrances can be layered together, which highlights Ferragamo’s ability to develop harmony by uniting unique aspects. The reason was to unite and give daily life to various olfactory emotions and universes, with a frequent thread.

What is Lillybelle and what is this “green chemistry” that is used to obtain the molecule?
 Lilybelle is an distinctive Symrise molecule, reminiscent of the refreshing and dewy scent of lily of the valley. This sustainable molecule comes from orange peel, a waste product from the fruit juice industry. By recycling this renewable by-merchandise, Symrise has developed and produced a artificial procedure respecting the 12 principles of inexperienced chemistry. Moreover, Lilybelle is biodegradable.

There are also two scent boosters in the selection — how and why are they designed?
AM &EC: These boosters ended up created to mix, intensify, and create a individualized fragrance with the addition of a woody or musky be aware. This new booster influence is supported by new gestures: 2 enjoyment rollers are ready to be performed with all the fragrances, for an outstanding tailor made consequence.

Emilie Coppermann

What do you hope to obtain with the 4 fragrances?
It is our wish to clearly show that it is possible to produce luxurious fragrances in line with the brand’s values and sustainability. We also want to give wearers the opportunity to make scents their have by combining fragrances.

Any recommendations for layering fragrances?
AM &EC: There are no policies, it is truly up to you, the goal of this assortment is to create infinite choices. You can layer two or much more scents from the assortment on your pores and skin to build your have signature fragrance. Any blend is doable.

What are some of your favorite combinations?
AM: What a complicated query! It’s so private so I feel the best mix would be the one particular you build for on your own and that makes you feel most confident. For me, I adore mixing Giungle di Seta with Giardini di Seta for a eco-friendly and fruity scent – it’s an uplifting scent to start your working day with!

EC: 1 of my best combos is two spritz of Oceani di Seta and a single of Giardini di Seta. It turns out  like a yard by the water, which instantaneously would make me sense like I’m on a holiday! And if you want to carry extra deepness you can incorporate a contact of the Woody booster.

Tell us extra about the eco-friendly features of the collection.
AM & EC: Sustainability aspects were being applied all over the products from its contents to the packaging. The Filo di Seta accord, which is present in all the variants, functions renewable elements and a biodegradable formulation.

It also consists of several Madagascar’s raw components that are ethically sourced. Symrise is the initial fragrance property with absolutely sustainable integrated sourcing with its Madagascar Method, founded in 2005. The place has promptly grow to be a hub for fantastic ethically sourced all-natural oils this kind of as the attractive vetiver oil highlighted in Giardini di Seta.

The Symrise Artisan Program is focused to exclusive partnerships with sustainability at its coronary heart. We guidance the cultivation of Timut Pepper from Nepal, a person of the best peppers in the entire world developed by modest farmers communities dwelling in Kathmandu’s mountains. Which is why we chose this pretty valuable and exceptional pepper to be at the main of the Filo di Seta accord.

The sustainability and environmental responsibility fears also extends to the fragrance’s packaging: A VIP pochon present is made with Salvatore Ferragamo ties leftovers and the outerpacks are qualified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

How has the fragrance market modified with the heightened consciousness of sustainability?
AM & EC: Sustainability is no more time an further requirements. It is now absolutely built-in in the imaginative approach. This led to the advancement and sourcing of new components as nicely as the emergence of new moral programmes, which are frequently enriched.

Is there a little something that you’ve carried out for the 1st time with Storie Di Seta?
AM & EC: It was the 1st time that we had to generate a selection of fragrances and boosters that can be mixed with each other. It was a complex and complicated exercise to combine creativeness with sustainability!

Explore the Storie di Seta anthology here.