June 22, 2024


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How A Man Should Dress In Their 40s

How A Man Should Dress In Their 40s

How A Man Should Dress In Their 40s

Understanding how to dress in your 40s isn’t easy. Mens fashion changes a lot as you get older. You go from wearing mens graphic tees to bootcut jeans and military boots. However, your 40s should have a lot more style compared to your younger self. This is a time when you have processed what style is. However, some men go the other way and are not fussed with what they are wearing.


You are now in your 40s and this is time for an upgrade. You can put away those clothes which you have had since university. It is time for the ultimate upgrade. Go through your wardrobe and throw away clothes you haven’t worn in years. They have no use anymore and if anything, they are just taking up too much space in your wardrobe. Space that your new clothes can fulfil.

It is up to you what you do with your old garments. You can either sell them to other people on websites such as Depop or Vinted. You can also take them to your local charity shop. Whatever you decide to do with them, you need to create some space for your new clothes. Clothes that are going to make you look great in your 40s.

Find The Fit That Suits Your Body Type

We all know that our body type is very different to how it was 20 years ago and thats just life. We are no longer those strong, young adolescents who are capable of sprinting up the stairs without getting out of breath. It is the time when we realise we need to dress for our age and our body type.

If you have the money, tailored clothing will be the best option for you however, this can be expensive. Additionally, if you have bought clothes that are a little too large, go to your local tailor and get them adjusted. It’s these small alterations that make all the difference with your outfits.

Keep Sportswear For Sports

We all know that sportswear is the ultimate look for young males. Tracksuits bought in a tracksuit sale are commonly worn by the younger generation for casual wear. This makes men in their 40s believe they can wear tracksuits for the same reason. It is a trend that needs to be forgotten once you get into your 40s.

Wearing Under Armour, puma, Lonsdale, Adidas and Nike tracksuits is a big no-no. Stick to proper casual wear such as blue denim jeans, a pair of boots or trainers, and a T-shirt or shirt. Keep things simple and don’t try to dress like you are 18 again.

Strap Up

Our 40s are likely a time when we have multiple watches which we can wear for different occasions. If you don’t own different styles of watches, you should consider buying a few to choose from. They don’t need to be a Rolex or a Tag Heuer, just something that adds a little extra to your overall fit.