February 7, 2023


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How to contour make-up like a professional: 3 gurus reveal all

The very first factor I’d say to any individual who would like to discover how to contour make-up is, “Should you actually be contouring at all?” It really is an odd way to start, granted, but some factors of contouring are so troublesome I would not experience suitable telling you how to chisel your cheekbones without mentioning them.  

Contouring is working with make-up to trick the eye and reshape the encounter. Just like most cosmetics, its origins are on the stage, where 16th-century theatre actors would paint facial traces to guarantee their expressions attained the low-cost seats at the again. Later dark powders ended up employed to carve sharp bone structure onto silver screen stars. The observe was adopted by make-up artists, and, alongside with the best basis, served build a homogenized attractiveness best perfectly-suited to the hyperreal perfection of editorial pictures.