December 9, 2023


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How to use a gua sha and locate the stone ideal suited to you

LED face masks and digital pores and skin massagers have their rewards, but in some cases the very best skincare outcomes come from the most deceptively easy tools. Scenario in point, the gua sha, an architectural stone applied in traditional Chinese drugs to transform the appearance of skin by gentle massage. 

Facialist Su-Person Hsu has been utilizing the gua sha for years to obtain her well-known ‘facelift in an hour’. Hsu grew up in rural Taiwan, where she started experimenting with natural skincare formulations and non-invasive approaches. She has due to the fact channelled those procedures into tactics in London and Paris (the seemingly ageless Juliette Binoche is a devoted client).

Underneath, Hsu solutions prevalent inquiries about the gua sha and the fundamentals of how to use one. 

Renowned facialist Su-Man Hsu offering one her gua sha facials 

Gua sha: the basics 

Wallpaper*: What are the advantages of gua sha?

Su-Person Hsu: ‘Gua’ implies scraping and ‘sha’ signifies bruises or petechiae. It actually signifies ‘to scrape away the pain’ – medically, it can be utilised to alleviate muscle mass soreness, for case in point. In a facial, a instead distinct application, gua sha can be utilized to market blood circulation and dredge the meridian (pure electrical power) channel, and in typical the technique made use of is a great deal gentler than for healthcare applications. 

A gua sha facial stimulates critical strength details all over the facial area to release contaminants, even though cutting down sagging pores and skin or any discoloration. It also gets rid of any stagnation of chi, tones up the facial muscle groups and minimises the appearance of pores and high-quality traces. In standard, it offers a brighter, healthier-on the lookout complexion.

W*: What are the distinctive sorts of gua sha applications?

SMH: There are several unique styles of gua sha tools and they all goal to do the exact detail. Usually talking, scaled-down styles are for scaled-down locations, for illustration around the eyes and mouth. More substantial shapes are for greater spots, like the cheeks, forehead and other system elements. Little pointed round designs are good for tension factors. Having said that, just one can be resourceful with the device and it also is dependent on your choice.

W*: Are there unique benefits for just about every stone style (jade, rose quartz, nephrite, etc)?

SMH: I know for marketing and advertising factors they are all built to sound amazing, but I’m sorry to say that there are no supplemental rewards to employing a diamond-encrusted software! It is seriously all about the expertise of how to use it properly.

W*: Need to a gua sha be utilized every working day? And do you propose making use of it in the early morning or evening? 

SMH: Of course, you can include your gua sha into your day-to-day schedule. Both in the morning or the evening functions high-quality as prolonged as you consider the ideal time to do it. I always do my facial gua sha in the morning, as it is a wonderful way to lower puffiness and wake up your facial muscle mass at the beginning of the working day.

Nonetheless, to reduce harming your skin, you must only scrape each individual place 5-10 instances – unquestionably do not scrape the pores and skin much more than 15 periods if you do it each and every working day, as it can overstimulate the skin and induce swelling. For instance, the skin all over the eye is very thin so I would only scrape it each three days.

W*: Any other guidelines to get the finest final results?

SMH: It is significant to make guaranteed the stress is company ample while also owning a mild method. It’s about a quality therapy not focused on amount.

W*: Is there anything about using a gua sha that men and women typically don’t know but should? 

SMH: You shouldn’t do it too normally if you have sensitive skin or if you put up with from rosacea, as it can direct to redness when not finished effectively.

W*: Should a gua sha be utilised with any merchandise? 

SMH: Of course, you require to have excess humidity in purchase to do prolonged, quick, press, or round motions. Whichever strokes you use, you want to make confident your skin has adequate oil or product to let you to conduct the strategy. I propose my Cleansing Gel/Oil cleanser for this as it glides on to your skin, in purchase to avoid overstimulating the tissue with the strokes. 

How to use a gua sha 

  • Very first, implement a moisturiser or oil to the pores and skin.
  • Forehead: take your supporting hand to 1 side of the brow and keep. With the other hand, choose the flat aspect of the gua sha and run it along the brow to the hairline. Give the gua sha a little wiggle to inspire lymphatic drainage. Repeat on the reverse aspect. 
  • Eyebrows: if working with a gua sha with a heart-formed edge, consider that facet to the prime of the nose and rub alongside the eyebrow line to the temple. Give a small wiggle and repeat on the opposite side. 
  • Below eyes: maintain the nose with your supporting hand and rub a single of the curved edges underneath the eye line to the temple. Wiggle the gua sha as before and then repeat on the reverse side. 
  • The cheekbone: place your supporting hand earlier mentioned the mouth. Consider the flat aspect of the gua sha so that it covers the size of the cheek and rub upward toward the ear. Then give a light wiggle back and forth in advance of repeating on the other side.
  • The jawline: area your supporting hand in the centre of the cheek. Just take the two-pronged aspect of the gua sha and angle the centre of your chin into the curve of the gua sha so that there is a prong on both side of the jawline. Rub together the jaw to the close of the ear. Give the gua sha a smaller wiggle and repeat on the other facet. 
  • The neck: area your supporting hand on the collarbone. Acquire the very long curved aspect of the gua sha and rub upward to the jawline. Give a tiny wiggle and repeat along the rest of the neck. 

You can find a movie of this system on Hsu’s Instagram, @sumanskincare

Locating the best gua sha for you 

Pencil gua sha

Even though a large gua sha can be made use of for the facial area and body, claims Hsu, ‘pencil dimensions is suitable for strain points and the heart condition is very good for targeting all around the eyes, mouths, and experience too’. 

Her very own Pencil, is a pointed software that can be pressed against force details – temples, the corners of eyes, the finishes of lips, for example – to ‘stimulate essential electricity details along the face’ and release toxins. 

Entire body comb gua sha 

This Jade Human body Comb by Hayo’u is a gua sha designed for head-to-toe use. The comb can be brushed alongside the scalp for a calming head therapeutic massage, or rubbed along the arms, torso, and legs to soothe aching muscle tissue, target cellulite, battle h2o retention, and tighten unfastened pores and skin. 

This gua sha is especially very well-suited to individuals going through computer system-relevant neck and shoulder rigidity. Gently rub the body comb up and down the neck, shoulders and upper again for prompt relief with no leaving your desk. 

The expense gua sha 

Brooklyn-centered Lanshin is New York’s centre for all factors gua sha. The spa and store offer the most effective gua sha facials in the town and sells its personal patented gua sha resources for you to recreate the exercise at house. 

We propose the brand’s Professional Gua Sha software, intended by its founder Sandra Lanshin Chiu (an acupuncturist, herbalist and pro in facial gua sha and Chinese medicine-based mostly skincare). Produced out of valuable black nephrite jade, this is a professional-amount resource that is worthy of the financial investment. 

Multi-goal gua sha

The Fasha software of Dubai-primarily based brand name Shiffa is a gua sha-like instrument created of white crystal. It attributes unique sides for a assortment of takes advantage of. The comb facet can be utilized on the system or face for intensive therapeutic massage, the pointed edge can be utilized to stress points, the curved aspect can be made use of alongside the jaw and neck, while the circular edge can be made use of below eyes, along cheekbones or other extra expansive locations of the face.