September 21, 2023


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Levi’s Red Drop/Wintertime 2021 Collection, Lookbook With Fragrance

Manufacturer: Levi’s Red

Period: Slide/Winter 2021

Get: Levi’s Japan

Editor’s Notes: It’s amusing to think that everything connected to Levi’s, the world’s most famous denim enterprise, could ever be considered “obscure.” And still, so it goes for Levi’s Purple, an ultra-specialized niche sub-label which is been off-and-on given that 1999. Its FW21 selection, a stick to-up to its Spring/Summertime 2021 return, once again can make the most of the revival by bringing again J-Pop pioneers Perfume for the seasonal campaign.

We can thank Japan for making quality denim a matter as we know it. As outlined in W. David Marx’s ought to-read Ametora, the country singlehandedly shaped worldwide desire in effectively-crafted retro denims fitted with nerdy aspects like selvedge, single-needle stitches, and hidden rivets.

To whit: if Japanese suppliers hadn’t saved previous denim mills and innovators hadn’t sought to remake classic denim down to the sew, that global menswear boom in the ’10s — and the ensuing menswear marketplace — may well have hardly ever existed.

Even these days, Japanese trend individuals are just more detail-obsessed than their Western counterparts, by and big. So, it is really only to be predicted that Levi’s Japan would be the go-to current market for RED’s new collections.

The European Levi’s team initially debuted Crimson as a kind of experimental high-end line, kicking off the imprint with strikingly initial 3D denims, making use of dynamic cutting to make pants that flowed with the purely natural motion of the wearer’s legs.

Infrequent Crimson collections tinkered with eco-mindful hemp textiles, flip-of-the-century silhouettes, and uncooked stitching that appeared nearly unfinished, all for the sake of developing a thing genuinely first. The 2021 Red supplying is a little bit extra approachable than some of the more mature offerings, but it is really well-versed in the progressivism of earlier efforts.

FW21 is named “うごきだそう,” as if to reiterate that, of course, this is a Japan-only line. It can be kinda about translated as “hunting like [it’s] on the transfer.” Correctly, virtually all of the designs are pictured in motion, donning the new collection’s tweaked 502 and 505 denims, quilted jackets, extensive flares, and wacky coats made of several kinds of upcycled denim.