September 25, 2022


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RevePeel Enlighten Rx Now Available At ELLEMES Health care Spa

RevePeel Enlighten Rx Peel now offered at ELLEMES Health care Spa in Atlanta, GA. 

What is RevePeel Enlighten Rx Depigmentation Process?

The RevePeel Enlighten Rx chemical peel inhibits melanogenesis by paralyzing melanin creation. It exfoliates the higher area of the pores and skin and is improved by lightening brokers, and in the course of the 2-stage prescription peel that takes about 20-35 minutes your discolored pigmentation is introduced to the surface, which will increase mobile turnover. 

The peel goes even further to inhibit further more hyperpigmentation. The first peel is utilized to the facial area or human body and will be left on for 8-12 hours. 

Am I a Good Applicant for the RevePeel Enlighten Rx Peel?

If you have acne breakouts, pimples scarring, hyperpigmentation, melasma, scars or an uneven texture or complexion, then you are a candidate for this peel. Enlighten Rx is secure for any pores and skin sort or color. 

What Results Will I See?

As a final result of the Enlighten Rx peel, individuals will see a smoother texture and extra even complexion in basic. There will be a reduction in the discolored places, a reduction in the visual appeal of scars, a reduction in pore sizing, and an all round brighter glimpse.

Is There Any Downtime?

There are about 2 times -3 times of downtime with the Enlighten Rx peel where by patients will experience redness and swelling, subsequent the original 2 days people will continue to frivolously flake for 1-2 weeks. Throughout this time, the dead skin will flake away letting for the expose of new pores and skin to come to the floor. You May possibly also, working experience crack outs for 1-2 months. Simply because of the swelling and redness a lot of clients elect to get the initial two times off from perform due to the fact they are uncomfortable with their initial overall look. Apart from this, there is no big downtime involved.