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Sabine Getty summer style must haves best fashion brands

Sabine in an Eres swimsuit and sunglasses by Saint Laurent

Courtesy of Sabine Getty

What constitutes and ideal summer wardrobe in 2021? After months at home in lockdown, are we ever going to want to wear heels again? I struggle to think so – would we even know how? As I plan my summer looks, I find myself searching for clothes that are laid-back yet sexy. I want the world to know that I can still pull off wearing a dress – but not at the expense of comfort, which I now know to be the source of happiness.

At the Venice Lido in a SIR shirt and vintage Chanel trousers

Courtesy of Sabine Getty

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It is fair to say that I’m particular about clothes and I really do my research before mak- ing a purchase. Living in Britain means I spend much of the summer here, so I need things that work for any possible weather shift, of which there can be many in the space of a single day. I also go to Patmos in Greece, where the weather is hot and often windy, as well as to Tuscany, which can be a furnace during the day and really chilly at night. Over time, I’ve learnt to avoid overpacking – the key to making it work is to simplify every look until it feels completely effortless and natural.

In Como, wearing a vintage Hermès shirt and trousers by De Clercq & De Clercq

Courtesy of Sabine Getty

I cannot do without a great pair of jeans. I have recently discovered The Feel Studio Inc, which offers a very limited selection. I love that, because it has enabled the brand to master one specific style – I would call it the old-school dad jean, but sexy and well fitting. They are perfection – and absolutely necessary for a British summer.

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For bathing suits, I am in love with Candice Swanepoel’s swimwear brand, Tropic of C. I love the simplicity and cut of her swimsuits. They are slightly more risqué than the amazingly comfortable and cool Hunza G styles, but after a year and a half of wearing only tracksuit bottoms, it’s time to show off.

‘I love the cut of Tropic of C’s swimsuits’

I’m also a fan of the label SIR – it is perfect for chilled summer outfits that can be worn with flats, super-casually at the beach and for fun dinners. In Tuscany, I usually wear clothes from a local vintage shop in Siena called Aloe & Wolf – for instance, a great Romeo Gigli ensemble with stripy trousers and a crop top. I do sometimes wear more romantic clothes, too, such as a cotton and lace robe by Loretta Caponi.

‘Loretta Caponi’s cotton and lace robes are cool and romantic’

And when it comes to shoes, I love very simple and beautiful Gianvito Rossi flip-flops and flat sandals. I wear them every day and all summer long.

‘Simple, beautiful sandals by Gianvito Rossi are my go-to in summer’

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– If you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed
– ‘Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability’ – Sam Keen
– ‘When all else fails, take a vacation’ – Betty Williams
– ‘I could never in a hundred summers get tired of this’ – Susan Branch

Catherine Deneuve on the set of La Chamade, 1968

Alain Dejean / Sygma via Getty Images

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