June 19, 2024


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The Bridal Perfumes That Team Grazia Wore On Their Wedding Days

Now that the summer wedding season is set to go ahead, it’s time to make that all important decision: what fragrance to wear on your special day? In a similar vein to our style choices, fragrance is completely personal and what one person loves, another loathes. And as with our wardrobe, our mood and the time of year can all play a big part on what scents we gravitate towards. For some, a wedding fragrance must be light, floral and delicate, while for others, it needs to be fresh with a citrus kick. There’s no right or wrong here, the most important thing is finding a fragrance that works for you.

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How To Choose Your Wedding Fragrance?

First things first, consider your current fragrance preferences. ‘We naturally recommend wearing something that is in line with what you already love so that you’re comfortable, yet also finding something that you haven’t worn before,’ says Emma South, Jo Malone London Fragrance & Lifestyle Expert. ‘By wearing something new, it will not be diluted with other memories and instead acts as a perfect time capsule of the day.’ Our advice? Take a look at your current fragrance favourites and suss out if there are any consistent notes that you’re drawn to. Are you a floral fanatic? Or do you have a penchant for fruity numbers?

‘How you want to feel is equally important, some scents are playful and pretty while others are more dramatic,’ adds South, who says the three main points to keep in mind when choosing your scent are your fragrance tastes, how you want to feel as well as your day. ‘You might find that you’re drawn to scents that capture the details of your day – the setting, season, flowers and colours,’ says South, ‘for example, ruby fruits and lingering woods for a winter wedding.’ If you’re stuck on where to start, several brands like Jo Malone London offer a complementary Scented Wedding Consultation to help make the decision easier. The appointment with one of their expert Stylists can be enjoyed virtually from the comfort of your home via Zoom, or at a local boutique: www.jomalone.co.uk/scentedweddingservice.

‘They focus on everything from the body lotion you might apply as you get ready to the perfume you’ll wear and even the candles you can have at your reception,’ says Grazia’s Digital Fashion News & Features Director, Hannah Banks-Walker who is booked in later this month. ‘As memory is so inextricably linked to scent, I thought this sounded like such a lovely thoughtful touch!’

To discover Team Grazia’s go-to wedding day fragrances, scroll on down…

Wedding Fragrances

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‘I discovered Le Sirenuse Positano’s Eau D’Italie fragrance three years ago, because I was going to the hotel on my honeymoon and thought it would be a nice touch to wear it on my wedding day. I absolutely FELL in love with the perfume and it has become my every day, special occasion, ANY occasion fragrance. It has such happy connotations for me every time I spray it, and I made it my luxury to treat myself to a new bottle twice a year. It has particularly kept my spirits up during the past year, and I wear it even when working from home because it’s a little spritz of joy. I recently found out that it’s Sienna Miller’s all time favourite smell so I’m in good company!’ Jess Barrett, Contributing Editor

Wedding Fragrances

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‘Being a fragrance hoarder of the highest degree, I had two wedding day scents. One for my legal UK ceremony, and another for my wedding party in France. For the Leicestershire countryside I opted for CREED™ Silver Mountain Water Eau De Parfum, £245 for 100ml – a refreshing and comforting combo of bergamot, mandarin, neroli and soft musk. It’s a forever favourite of mine that I go back to time and time again.’ Joely Walker, Health & Beauty Director

Wedding Fragrances

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For my wedding party in the South of France I wore EX NIHILO Fleur Narcotique Eau De Parfum, £165 for 50ml – the most interesting blend of bergamot (again), orange blossom and woods I’d ever smelt. Floral, but with a definite twist that gives it a bit of grit (in the best possible way). Both bottles are engravable – another bridal plus.’ Joely Walker, Health & Beauty Director

Wedding Fragrances

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‘Although COVID-19 delayed my wedding plans, I did have a fragrance in my for the big day – Mon Guerlain. It’s a cult classic and a scent I turn to time and time again. I like the fact it’s subtle, not overpowering and the fresh floral scent lingers on the skin long after spritzing.’ Charlotte Pavitt, Acting Shopping Editor

Wedding Fragrances

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‘My mother in law gave me some money to buy a new perfume for the wedding and I went for this – it’s got a really strong, distinctive smell and lasts beautifully, which is perfect for a wedding (though might be a bit full-on and night timey for some brides). I wore it on our honeymoon and whenever we’re going on a special night out, and the smell always makes me very happy!’ Rebecca Holman, Digital Director

Wedding Fragrances

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‘I’ve had to cancel my wedding twice now, the first time quite last minute. That meant I already had “Chloe perfume” down on my long list of things to remember to pack when I was preparing to marry the first time around. I’ve worn Chloe for years and knew I wouldn’t deviate from it on my wedding day. My partner and close friends all tell me it reminds them of me – probably a sign I wear it too much and should try something else every now and again. But whenever my wedding does eventually come around I know I’ll be wearing my trusty Chloe. I haven’t had a lot of places to wear it to recently but it smells familiar and reminds me of fun. It’s definitely the scent I want to be wearing in my wedding dress.’ Anna Silverman, Features Editor

Wedding Fragrances

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‘I just wore what I always wear as it felt like the ultimate day to be you (just with a better dress haha).’ Rhiannon Evans, Features & Special Projects Director

What Are The Most Popular Fragrances?

For even more wedding day fragrance inspiration, we’ve charted some of the best-selling perfumes in the world that have attained cult classic status. A good place to start, you can guarantee that one of these scents will be right up your street. From Dior J’adore to Chanel No 5, here are the most iconic spritzes…

Best Perfumes For Women 2020

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Dior J’adore EDP, £112 for 100ml

A sophisticated spritz that has rightfully earnt its place in the perfume hall of fame, J’Adore combines ylang-ylang, Damascus rose and jasmine for a hearty and complex floral. As for the bottle: dressing table GOLD.


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