September 25, 2023


Youth trendy style

Was that style cooler than now?

India had been a hub of fashion trendsetters in the 2000s. Movies, shows, and songs of this particular time were basically a fashion list to follow. 

Back then people used to learn fashion trends not only from the movie stars but from the Video Jockeys of many shows. The VJs’ style used to appeal to GenZ more as television was the regular source of entertainment. 

Get ready to see some of 2000s’ fashion staples.

Tube tops

Tube tops paired with straight-fit pants was the most famous style in the 2000s. This look was casual as well as the party look. A little bit of heels used to elevate the overall look. 


Just like sneakers are the new cool today, heels, especially colourful heeled footwear, was the most followed trend in the 2000s. Even common women liked this trend and wearing heels regularly became common. 

Black jeans

Black and loose jeans were the love of people in the 2000s. More than blue jeans, many VJs were seen wearing black jeans and that caught everyone’s eye. These jeans led to the popularity of chain belts and broad belts too. 


Heels in summers and boots in winters were the go-to look of every young adult. Boots were sometimes styled with skirts in the summer too. Yes, both long and short skirts. Low-waist jeans clubbed with boots also gathered attention back then. 

Embellished belts 

Belts were not just belts in the 2000s. They were the statement pieces of that time. Due to the presence of high-waist jeans today, belts are not required. But in the 2000s belts were the most important part of daily wear. Brown, pink, and white belts with shiny details were chosen more by the girls. 

Can we say this fashion was much cooler? I guess, yes. What do you say?