July 12, 2024


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Why The Return of Hanfu Represents A Generational Shift in China

Why The Return of Hanfu Represents A Generational Shift in China

Why The Return of Hanfu Represents A Generational Shift in China

On the streets of Shanghai, articles creator Shiyin can be seen sporting a common outfit from China’s Ming period. Well-liked on social media, she routinely shares vogue buys, natural beauty recommendations and way of life vlogs together with all the latest from Gucci and Lancôme—but it’s her passion for Hanfu that really sets her apart.

“Chinese” clothing is frequently typified by the qipao (a close-fitting costume also referred to as the cheongsam). Even so, Hanfu—which is described as a kind of costume from any era when the Han Chinese ruled—is observed in China as a a lot more reliable variety of historical clothing. Variations from the Tang, Song, and Ming periods are the most preferred flowing robes in wonderful shades, embellished with intricate layouts and embroidery.

Right now, the motion is remaining led by China’s style-aware youth—a minimal like how Regency-time period hair and makeup has experienced a improve in attractiveness, many thanks to Netflix’s Bridgerton—and the amount of Hanfu enthusiasts just about doubled from 3.56 million in 2019 to a lot more than 6 million in 2020. Between those you are going to come across a purist minority who abhor any historical inaccuracies, and a vast majority who are attracted to its fantastical elements. Meanwhile, models can price tag between 100 yuan (around $15.50 ) to above 10,000 yuan ($1550), and acquired from professional brand names this kind of as Ming Hua Tang.

What is most interesting nevertheless, is the collective mood that’s staying spurred on by Hanfu—after decades of aspiring to western developments, the younger generation is now maybe hunting closer to dwelling for a feeling of traditionalism. On microblogging platform Weibo, #Hanfu has had over 4.89bn views to date, although on TikTok in China (Douyin), #Hanfu videos have been considered extra than 47.7bn situations.

So, as curiosity in traditional cultural pursuits comes again all-around, is the past getting great at the time additional? Here, Vogue satisfies Shiyin, 1 of the most well-liked figures in this speedily expanding subculture, to obtain out.