June 19, 2024


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45% Of Adult males Imagine Makeup Is A Big Flip-Off

I at the time dated a person who advised me that my purple Chanel lipstick produced me appear like a clown. It was not that I had any clown-like attributes, but the color of my lips, that luscious crimson that I liked so a lot, he experienced just observed to be unsettling.

Like a fool, I stopped sporting my pink lipstick and caught to lip gloss that had no coloration at all. I did not want to look like a clown in his eyes.

He was not the 1st male to negatively comment about makeup on females. Even my male buddies would roll their eyes at the strategy of any female carrying makeup.

In fact, I have nevertheless to meet up with a straight man who really loves a glammed-up lady. My gay friends, on the other hand, love my purple lipstick. Lipstick, thoughts you, that I’ve started out wearing again, due to the fact overlook that guy.

But a analyze discovered a thing that most of us quite significantly currently know: Adult men do not like makeup.

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St. Ives carried out analysis that involved 1,000 women of all ages and 550 adult males. They located that 40 % of guys consider gals put on as well considerably make-up, with 45 % of the male individuals indicating that all that makeup females wear is the things that turns a man off entirely.

What?! They don’t want to be coated in brilliant purple lipstick kisses?

Extra investigate from the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology found the identical results.