September 21, 2023


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Expensive Annie: Female feels tension from boyfriend who hates that she wears make-up

Expensive Annie: I am a 29-year-previous lady, and I’ve been acquiring an ongoing discussion with my boyfriend of 10 decades.

I have on make-up due to the fact I am insecure about my skin and my confront in normal. I have tried any and all goods recommended to me to assistance apparent up my pores and skin.

I have experienced from ingesting issues in the past and have continual fixation and amplification of just about every flaw, so I’m mindful of the actuality that it could be physique dysmorphia that is in aspect driving my stress and anxiety about my face. I am going into treatment and viewing a dermatologist next month, and I will start out my procedure there.

But in the meantime, when I search in the mirror at my bare facial area, I see a monster. Make-up can take absent some of that stress — gives me self esteem in myself, letting me to love life a minimal extra.

Even though I know that it is not balanced to be so dependent on cosmetics, they are encouraging me get via these inner thoughts for now.

The problem is that my boyfriend hates that I put on makeup. He continually insists that I cease donning it, to the stage that we routinely get in heated arguments about this. He even jokingly says he will split up with me if I carry on to have on it. I inform him that not donning make-up just doesn’t get the job done for me. I tried using it the moment for a yr. It did not obvious up my skin, and it was terrible emotionally.

I genuinely do not know what to say to him at this place other than that I am in the method of hopefully resolving this trouble, but even if my blemishes apparent up, the psychological and psychological areas will choose time. I recognize many others will say: “It’s just makeup. Ditch it for him if you definitely really like him!” But I really don’t think people today realize how considerably I truly just cannot stand seeing the deal with I have bare in the mirror. It delivers me to tears and causes stress and anxiety attacks — which I truly feel like my boyfriend would resent me even additional for. He does not have considerably endurance for insecurity of any type.

I’m not positive what to convey to him other than, “Let’s wait and see.” Any information? — Simply cannot Experience the Mirror

Pricey Can not Face the Mirror: Just as it would be incorrect for your boyfriend to demand from customers that you have on make-up, it’s improper for him to demand from customers that you don’t. It’s your experience, and it is up to you what to do with it.

His threats of breaking up barely qualify as “jokes” in my e book. That kind of talk smacks of bullying. Enlist the aid of your therapist in environment and enforcing boundaries in your marriage so that you can concentrate on therapeutic on your own and lessening your anxiety.

Pricey Annie: My shortly-to-be 40-12 months-outdated daughter seriously needs enable for her psychological wellbeing. She is a recovering from habit. She’s been sober for 5 years. Before this year, she obtained out of a two-year romance, and it is as nevertheless she’s been traumatized ever considering the fact that. She walks close to like a zombie. I’m questioning regardless of whether she’s again on medicines. What can I do? — Anxious Mother

Pricey Concerned: You can persuade your daughter to search for help by in-patient or out-patient treatment centers and/or assist teams this kind of as Narcotics Anonymous ( or LifeRing Secular Restoration ( Even extra importantly, I would urge you to lead by case in point and show up at conferences of Nar-Anon Loved ones Teams ( Living with the disease of addiction is much too a great deal for most of us to bear alone. The solidarity found in support groups can make even the most challenging challenges a very little little bit extra manageable.

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