June 20, 2024


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Halston on Netflix: Will We All Want to Don it Shortly?

Trapped in luxurious, Halston slid down the slippery slope from J.C. Penney to luggage, sunglasses, bedsheets, whatever until finally, at last, it was taken from him totally, thanks to a mix of company takeovers, undesirable habits and just one significant misunderstanding: his perception that the title and the designer could not be parted.

He was, of study course, completely wrong — as a quantity of other designers have discovered given that then. As with his outfits, Halston was forward of the sport when he went corporate. Even his problems acquired repeated.

In fact, a short and incomplete record of designers who followed Halston and similarly dropped management of their trademark includes Hervé Léger, who attempted an unsuccessful comeback as Hervé Leroux Roland Mouret, who briefly became RM2 right before finally shopping for back his trademark and John Galliano, who at this time models for Maison Margiela even though a further gentleman results in John Galliano. (Martin Margiela, the founder of Maison Margiela, is himself puttering about in Belgium.)

Today every designer is anticipated to have various brand name extensions limited-edition collaborations with mass brand names are a prized commodity and the conglomeratization of fashion is taken for granted — at minimum by these who aspire to any kind of world scale.

The unachievable choice that confronted Halston and led to his downfall (or at least facilitated it) is the exact just one that even now faces most designers. If they want to get large and contend, they have to have a backer — be portion of a large vogue team, be a part of yet another variety of conglomerate, go with personal fairness or chance getting an individual’s plaything.

The sacrifice is independence, manage and, often, the means to say no. If they are pleased staying little and artisanal, they can do it their way, but they don’t have the very same impact or prospects.