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Justin Bieber, The Kardashians, & More Love These 5 Dubai Hotels

Justin Bieber, The Kardashians, & More Love These 5 Dubai Hotels

Justin Bieber, The Kardashians, & More Love These 5 Dubai Hotels

When doing Dubai, do it in style. These are the lodging options that send stars scrambling for reservations.

Some of the most luxurious hotels in the world can be found in the mystical region of Dubai. The United Arab Emirates proudly presents the opulence of Dubai’s high class living, which is juxtaposed against the stunning natural beauty of the Persian Gulf coast. Know for it’s world-class tourism and immense wealth, Dubai is home to some of the most sought after getaways, and lavish hotels, all poised to become a luxurious new home to its prestigious visitors. Those who come to Dubai for a visit are entering a magical place where anything is possible, if the price is right.  Frommers describes Dubai hotels as being designed with the most sophisticated architectural styling. They boast amenities that most people could only ever dream of experiencing. It’s no wonder that celebrities flock to these top hotels during their high-priced vacations in this gorgeous region.

5 Sheraton Grand Hotel

This 5 star hotel offers guests a stunning view of the Dubai skyline from the comforts of their luxurious rooms, or from the temperature controlled rooftop pool that is at their disposal.

Celebrities visiting this stunning property are treated to a state of the art fitness center and spa that cater to their every need. It’s conveniently located within minutes of the major shopping district and is just a 20 minute commute from the airport. One of the highlights is Miss Lily’s DXB, serving up Caribbean cuisine to the hotels guests, satisfying even the most discerning taste buds.

Among the big names that have been known to stay here are top earning icons such as Bella Hadid, Floyd Mayweather, and Rihanna.

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4 Atlantis, The Palm

When it comes to super-luxury resorts in Dubai, Atlantis, The Palm is a top contender. There is nothing ‘average’ about this property. It’s designed as an underwater theme park and is only accessible to those with pockets deep enough to carry the hefty price tag.

This property offers views that cannot accurately be described, and need to truly be experienced to be fully appreciated. Shockingly, we’re not talking about the Dubai skyline. This property includes exclusive rooms that offer guests a 360 view of the massive aquarium that is home to over 65,000 under water animals. Guests are surrounded by marine animals as part of this unique underwater design. There is an interactive waterpark available to guests, as well as a private, white-sand beach for the ultimate in relaxation.

Emirates Woman reports that among the celebrities that have been known to flock to this ocean-themed property are “Robert De Niro, Lily Allen, Naomi Campbell, Michael Jordan and Lindsay Lohan.” Khloe Kardashian and her family have also stayed here with rave reviews on their experience.

3 One & Only Royal Mirage

This lavish hotel offers world class service and a meticulous setting for it’s high-end clientele. Secluded villas and private suites are connected by lush gardens of tropical plants. The Beach Garden Villa comes with it’s very own, private pool, and each luxurious area such as the Arabian Court Suite and the Prince Suite come with incredible views of the ocean and private terraces for celebrities to enjoy.

The fine dining is highlighted by Chef Mauro Colagreco, who creates the most unique, flavor-packed meals that will tantalize each person lucky enough to savor his celebrated cuisine.

Pampering their guests is a specialty, and personalized services offering the highest levels of relaxation are offered on-site. Celebrity guests that have enjoyed luxurious stays at this property include Famous YouTubers Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg.

2 Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

Celebrity guests looking to indulge in a cultural experience while in Dubai can truly enjoy the mesmerizing sights, sounds, and flavors of the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. Marketed as an “ottoman-themed” property, this luxurious hotel offers fine dining with an elaborate array of culinary options on-site.

The hotel also has their very own waterpark, and of course, an incredibly luxurious, very private, white sandy beach. Luxurious face and body treatments are available at the top-end spa which caters to the needs of each guest.

This Turkish inspired property even has a 5 bedroom Royal Residence available that comes with its own security team, along with 5 marble bathrooms with incredible features, and it’s very own, very private and incredibly secluded private beach.

Celebrities that have stayed at this stunning location include Nicole Scherzinger, Tom Cruise, and John Travolta.

1 Burj Al Arab

Celebrity guests in Dubai flock to the Burj Al Arab to experience some of the best modern architecture known to the world. This incredible property boasts some of the most unique design elements ever seen, and truly creates a sense of mysticism amid the modern chic paradise.

Spectacular sea views are taken in from the privacy of the incredibly luxurious suites on the property, and Michelin chefs create edible masterpieces around the clock to fulfil the needs of their high-end clientele.

Butler services is available around the clock, and the most prestigious rooms, such as the Presidential two Bedroom Suite offer his and hers Hermes amenities, staff quarters for the hired help, two master bedrooms, a library, and a dining area that seats 6 people – just to name a few of the perks.

Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, David Guetta, Justin Bieber, and Claudia Schiffer have all been guests of this opulent property.

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