July 12, 2024


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Kiko Kostadinov and Laura & Deanna Fanning talk about their new fragrance

Kiko Kostadinov and Laura & Deanna Fanning talk about their new fragrance

Kiko Kostadinov and Laura & Deanna Fanning talk about their new fragrance

From Marcel Proust to Patrick Süsskind, Christian Dior to Coco Chanel, some of the world’s most formidable imaginative minds have fallen prey to the electrical power of scent, becoming obsessed with its unparalleled capacity to express the essence of a memory, a life-style, or an plan. The hottest to be drawn in by the attract of fragrance are the trio getting London label Kiko Kostadinov — Kiko and twin sisters Laura and Deanna Fanning — who are releasing their debut perfume now. 

With Kiko heading up the label’s menswear division, and Laura & Deanna main on the womenswear entrance, the 3 designers have invested 5 a long time producing a sartorial language that fuses the normal and the artificial, the common and the unusual. KK.001, a non-gendered solid fragrance made in collaboration with Tokyo-centered perfumer retaW that will come in an simply moveable tube, provides an olfactory foil to their fashion exercise. It boasts notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, leather, vetiver and (to this writer’s nose, at minimum) asphalt, all mingling collectively to develop a fragrance that gives a similar perception of summary magnificence that their clothing express an air of musky, industrially-tinged chic that faintly phone calls Comme des Garçons legendary ‘anti perfumes’ to head.

Here, Kiko, Laura and Deanna give us the distinctive lowdown on the building of the fragrance, and the recollections it evokes for them.


How did the thought to do a fragrance very first occur about? And why did now feel like the proper time to launch 1?

Kiko Kostadinov: We have been actively attempting to extend the model horizons by operating with various creatives, making seasonal stories, gatherings and spaces. In style, fragrance is often connected to the thought of economic stability, or, in a extra destructive way, it signifies the idea of a funds equipment that pays for a brand’s resourceful independence when advertising and marketing its image and elegance part. For us, this was more of an experiment in how to do a fragrance that felt both equally attention-grabbing and sincere, devoid of handing around your model name to a perfumer. 

Your work usually departs from extremely specific references — books, films, artworks, theories, objects… Inform us about some of the references you experienced in head although establishing this scent?

Kiko: The venture was absolutely developed all through the pandemic, so this time, it was a lot more a make any difference of coming to retaW with unique scents and inquiring them for doable mixtures. At its main, nevertheless, it was about mixing all-natural and artificial ideas.

Scents can be so evocative — their potential to awaken recollections of particular instances and places is unparalleled. What contexts or memories does this fragrance evoke for you?

Laura Fanning: Yes it absolutely can, and recreating a scent can truly feel nostalgic nevertheless aspirational. The overarching take note for us is leather-based — as a fashion studio, we could all relate to reimagining the sensation of opening a box with recently crafted leather footwear or putting on a leather-based jacket for the very first time. We required to carry that scent and carry a freshness to its temporality.

Deanna Fanning: I come across the sensory practical experience of fragrance fascinating. To be in a position to inspire a feeling or planet by way of scent on your own leaves the knowledge very much subject matter to interpretation. The notes of leather-based are a little bit nostalgic and comforting to me, it reminds me of a hot summer time working day with the sunlight blaring down onto the leather-based bench seats of my grandparent’s automobile out in the paddocks — and normally takes me back again to that memory more than a photograph could, maybe. I can promptly truly feel the warmth and sense the dry grass and rustling eucalyptus trees.

You have created a good perfume. Why is that? 

Kiko: Creating a new fragrance, or any solution in this place of producing, is so different to generating all set-to-use. Collaborating with retaW, we experienced to function their pre-existing merchandise and the strong perfume felt very intriguing — there’s a true practicality to it.

When the menswear and womenswear sides of Kiko Kostadinov frequently overlap — there are a superior several individuals out there who put on equally — this scent is explicitly genderless, bridging the two worlds in a way. How does the scent complement the vogue that the a few of you create?

Laura & Deanna: The conference of the all-natural and the synthetic in this fragrance is really a lot relatable to our trend ideals — in this feeling, we come to feel that there is a sturdy link that enhances our style and design, and we truly like that the scent denotes traits that are not mutually special or tied to notions of gender.

How did you locate the approach of doing the job on a scent? How did it vary from your technique to designing? 

Kiko: It was essentially truly easy. There were fewer visuals associated, and it was fewer bodily. It was actually based on text, making atmospheres and landscapes, and heading from there.

The fragrance’s identify is KK.001, which could be taken to indicate that it’s portion of a series. Is that the scenario?

Kiko: The 000 coding has been a large portion of our model DNA given that the get started, even across exterior jobs like our perform with Mackintosh. It felt acceptable to have identical coding for the fragrance, alternatively than give it a name — possessing a unique name can generally make expectations for buyers centered on their existence encounters, and how they relate to the phrase utilised.

Head below to decide up a tube of KK.001, and stick to i-D on Instagram and TikTok for a lot more manner and fragrance information.