December 7, 2022


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Mary Katrantzou on coming up with her very first fragrance with Bvlgari

“Smelling this perfume instantly reminds me of my childhood summers in Greece,” suggests the fashion designer on her most current collaboration, the Bvlgari Omnia by Mary Katrantzou fragrance.

You know you’ve bought a superior detail going on when realise how very well you function with an individual. That was particularly what vogue designer Mary Katrantzou and Mirreira Lopez Montoya, the MD of Bvlgari Extras felt when they very first worked with each other for Katrantzou’s initially couture trend show in Greece back again in 2019. A friendship was forged, and Montoya later invited Katrantzou again to be component of Bvlgari’s “Serpenti: Through The Eyes Of” designer sequence.

This collaboration afterwards progressed to Katrantzou creating her pretty initially fragrance, and for Bvlgari nonetheless. The Bvlgari Omnia by Mary Katrantzou perfume showcases how the Greek designer lends her signature contact to one particular of Bvlgari’s iconic fragrances — exuberant, joyful, and daring.

The natural way, what could smell additional joyful than flowers? The Bvlgari Omnia by Mary Katrantzou is a floral fragrance with a vivid cocktail of mandarin, gardenia accord, and fig leaf notes. At the heart of the fragrance is Gardenia, Katrantzou’s favourite flower, which Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas has blended with mandarin and fig leaves for a touch of luminosity and freshness. The ensuing scent is one particular that is entirely explosive and flashy, just like its dazzling rainbow flacon.



I re-imagined the Omnia bottle as a sculptural vase holding a bouquet of bouquets and colours that stand for the notes Alberto Morillas made use of to build collectively this universe of optimism. The blend of gardenia and the luminous notes of mandarin and orange blossom, resulted in an uplifting scent that settles like a memory into your soul.

Mary Katrantzou


To obtain out additional about her function in generating Bvlgari Omnia by Mary Katrantzou, we spoke to Katrantzou herself on her inspiration, the issues she confronted in making a perfume for the 1st time, and how she feels when smelling the fragrance for the incredibly initially time.

What were your to start with feelings when you ended up asked to reinterpret the Omnia fragrance in your individual way?

I hadn’t explored the earth of fragrance in advance of, so it was an interesting challenge.  Finding out the environment of Omnia and its amazing colours, I  wanted to obtain inspiration in the rainbow as a image of positivity and inclusion. My intention was to use color as a wellness instrument and generate a fragrance that is uplifting and joyful. This collaboration manufactured me think even a lot more that creativeness is a power for very good. A way to infuse optimism into our lifetime. With it remaining an uncertain time for most individuals, I really wished to be ready to have an impact on constructive modify by lifting our spirit. 

What were the initial design and style features that you preferred to inject into the Omnia fragrance?

Drawing on a vibrant colour palette, I was excited to re-invent OMNIA’s legendary infinity-shaped bottle. I re-imagined the Omnia bottle as a vase holding a bouquet of flowers, representative of all the diverse notes utilized in the scent – visually telling the tale of the fragrance itself.

This is the initially fragrance you’ve made — what was your creative method like in enterprise this new obstacle?

When there is a solid resourceful relationship in between brands, it permits you the flexibility to truly check out your imagination and creatively problem yourself. Our total collaboration was unorthodox as it transpired in the middle of the pandemic. I had only fulfilled with Grasp Perfumer Alberto Morillas the moment in London prior to the lockdown and throughout this time we outlined the direction of the scent. We talked about my childhood recollections, my favourite smells and reviewed my preliminary transient: to distill the rainbow into a scent. Performing everything entirely remotely, I imagine you take most selections on intuition and fragrance by nature is extremely private. It seriously heightened all our other senses that guided all the conclusions close to this collaboration. 

Why did you determine on a floral fragrance?

I believe that that taking enjoyment in the elegance of nature and engaging in non secular pursuits is more essential now, than ever right before. This is why the uplifting scent of flowers became just one of the foundations to create this fragrance. To me, a single of life’s purest pleasures is the smell of an unforgettable bloom.

What are your 1st feelings when smelling this fragrance?

Smelling this perfume right away reminds me of my childhood summers in Greece. When I was younger, there was a lovely gardenia tree in the backyard garden. My mother normally used to reduce fresh gardenia blooms and position them on my bedside table. It was the 1st scent I woke up to, and the very last scent ahead of I fell asleep.

What do you want persons to experience when they see, touch, and odor this fragrance that you have built?

As a creator, my hope is that by way of purposeful structure, we can make the entire world a minimal bit extra stunning and joyous. I wished to convey this message of optimism and hope gals working experience an uplifting energy when they put on our fragrance and find out its distinct levels. I hope our addition to the Omnia loved ones provides pleasure to females and settles like a memory into their soul.