February 6, 2023


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Movie star Vogue Stylist Shares Type Hacks That Help save Time, Anxiety

  • Former celebrity fashion stylist Lindsay Albanese is sharing her pro model ideas on TikTok.
  • Albanese spoke to Insider about 3 type hacks that make her existence much easier.
  • Her major hacks include inserting socks around steamers and making use of a hair iron on wrinkled shirts.
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With years of expertise as a superstar fashion stylist, Lindsay Albanese has dressed some of the most well-known people in the world — so it will make perception that she’s picked up a vogue trick or two. 

From 2002 to 2015, Albanese worked with major tv networks to style superstars ranging from Jimmy Kimmel to Kathy Griffin and stars of “The Bachelorette,” she told Insider.

Now, Albanese runs her possess vogue brand and usually shares her type suggestions on her TikTok account. Her films have been appreciated additional than 10 million occasions at the time of writing.

Albanese spoke to Insider about the best a few fashion hacks that she says make her daily life easier.

Put a sock above your steamer to prevent it from leaking

Lindsay Albanese sock over steamer

Albanese endorses inserting socks more than steamers to prevent drinking water stains on your garments.


In a video clip that has been considered around just one million periods because April 16, Albanese shared her hack for blocking a steamer from spitting water all around your awesome clothing: Area a thoroughly clean sock more than it.

“When you steam, the sock catches the h2o, and it will not get on your garments,” Albanese states in the video.

Albanese advised Insider that the “little tweak” to the procedure has manufactured her lifetime less difficult since it “stops h2o spots from receiving on your apparel.”

Use a hair iron to press a little wrinkled shirts

Lindsay Albanese hair iron hack

Albanese says a hair iron can repair a wrinkled shirt in a pinch.


To get wrinkles out of your shirt, you really don’t essentially want to warmth up a whole-measurement iron, as Albanese showed in this movie from February 20.

To help you save time, Albanese takes advantage of a flat hair iron on her garments, she explained to Insider.

“It is a wonderful fast repair for small wrinkles,” she said.

Albanese said you should really make positive that the iron is “not scalding warm,” and that all you require to do is run the iron alongside the edge of a shirt a several occasions to eliminate wrinkles. 

This hack “has saved me a million periods,” she said.

Stack skirt hangers on major of each other to help you save closet space

Lindsay Albanese skirt hack

Stacking skirts can support you save space in your closet, Albanese says.


Skirt hangers can just take up very a little bit of space in the closet, but they do not have to have to, according to Albanese. The style pro demonstrated a place-conserving hack for storing hangers in this movie posted on November 21.

If there are holes at the best of your skirt hanger in the vicinity of the foundation of the hook, you can use the holes to url the hangers vertically, she says in the online video. 

Albanese figured out this hack, which she claimed is acknowledged as the “waterfall influence,” when performing in smaller dressing rooms, she told Insider. 

“It really is essentially actually amazing,” she explained. “So alternatively of stacking 10 hangers horizontally, you can vertically hold them depending on how tall your closet is.”