June 15, 2024


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The Best Gifts For Runners [2021 Edition]

Described as the world’s most accessible sport, it seems safe to say we all probably know someone who loves running. But, it can be a bit tough coming up with gift ideas for those running enthusiasts in our lives, especially if you’re not a running aficionado yourself.

Whether you’ve got a sibling, parent, friend, or colleague who’s a little bit obsessed with running and you need the best gift for them, we’ve rounded up 18 cool gifts that’ll really take their running to a Forest Gump level (Run Forest! RUN!). All of our gift ideas are perfect for any and all occasions such as Christmas, or a birthday; and it doesn’t matter if you’re buying a gift for an amateur runner or a pro, there’s something for every type of runner on our list!

From accessories and cookbooks that’ll optimise and enhance their running performance, to self-care items specifically designed to help runners recover faster, these gifts are guaranteed to improve their running experience; something they won’t be able to thank you enough for. Take a look at our gift guide below and you’ll definitely find among these 18 best gifts for runners, the absolute perfect gift for the runner in your life!


Tracksmith Activewear

Runners will honestly never have enough activewear, so a perfect gift for a runner is activewear specifically designed for their favourite activity. Tracksmith, an independent brand launched in 2014, is dedicated to creating garments and accessories solely for runners, that will aid with training, racing, and rest days.

They work tirelessly to produce the highest quality running apparel on the market, and any item from Tracksmith will truly delight a runner when given as a gift! Prices start at US$14.

Rhone Running Beanie

Run-lovers never seem to be deterred by cold weather, so give them a beanie that’ll keep their head and ears from freezing! Rhone, a company known for only using the world’s finest fabrics, pairing them with cutting-edge textile technology, and finishing them with an unmatched fit and style to create clothing that satisfies both form and function, has a beautifully crafted Running Wool Beanie.

Made with a Merino wool and nylon blend, and sporting reflective features for safety, any runner will be overjoyed with this gift. Price: US$36.

Theragun Massage Gun

Running tends to put a strain on your muscles and joints meaning all runners end up with at least some aches and pains. Therefore, any runner will love a Therabody Massage Gun, specifically designed to relax and help sore muscles.

All devices feature a customisable speed range, a handle design that eliminates hand/arm strain, and 16mm amplitude for deep muscle treatment. Your runner will seriously thank you. Prices start at US$299.

Lululemon Run Belt

When going for a lengthy run, activewear pockets just don’t cut it and it can be hard for runners to take all their essentials with them. Gift them this Lululemon Run Belt, and watch them be forever grateful. Lululemon, a Canadian sports brand founded in 1998, may have its primary focus on yoga but the company also produces excellent clothing and accessories for multiple sports and disciplines.

The Run Belt, specifically designed for running, is sleek and lightweight, and will comfortably hold all of your runner’s necessities (phones, keys, cards, snacks, gels, etc.) without feeling bulky or distracting them from their run. Price: US$38.

On Running Shoes

Arguably, the most important piece of equipment to a runner is their shoes; they need the best support possible so they can continue to run at their best. On Running is well-known for its running sneakers, and its technology CloudTec is designed specifically for running.

The highly adaptive sole reduces muscle fatigue and lowers your heart rate thanks to its multi-directional cushioning that ensures that your feet feel supported but never restricted. The insoles of all CloudTec footwear have fantastic arch support, and the laces come down rather low on the toe to reduce the chance of shin splints.

If you’re looking for a gift that’ll knock a runner’s socks off, a pair of On Running Shoes is the way to go! Prices start at US$129.99.

Aesop Sun Care

Most, if not all, runners are aware of the damage running can do to the ankles, knees, muscles, etc., and therefore do everything they can to prevent injury. But a lot of runners don’t realise they are also in danger of doing serious skin damage! Running for long periods of time while the sun’s up can cause pre-mature aging, sun spots, and even skin cancers!

Therefore, help them out with some high-quality sun care from Aesop. With specific face and body sunscreens, runners can have broad-spectrum sun protection that’s lightweight and won’t make them feel overly ‘slathered up’ whilst running (and sweating). Prices start at US$41.

‘Running with Lydiard’ Book

If your runner is serious about reaching their best, they’ll love this book detailing advice from the ‘greatest running coach of all time’, Arthur Lydiard. Since the outstanding success of his New Zealand athletes Snell, Halberg, and Magee at the 1960 Rome Olympics, Arthur Lydiard’s name has been synonymous with the best training methods used by the world’s top middle- and long-distance runners.

All of Lydiard’s training methods as well as his recommended exercise physiology, diet, injury prevention & cure, and revised training schedules are thoroughly expanded upon in this book, and any runner will love it as a gift! Price: US$14.95.

Polar Running Watch

Nowadays, it’s essential for runners to have a fitness watch, if they want to get serious about their training. Any runner will be delighted with Polar’s M430 as a gift, which has an extensive list of features without the big price tag. The function that will aid runners best is the GPS which tracks pace, distance, and altitude.

The M430 itself can also monitor vitals such as steps, activity, sleep, and calories over a 24/7 period so that runners can maintain their healthy schedule. There’s also a handy Running Index function that’ll predict event finish times for 5km,10km, half marathon, and full marathon runs based on long-term data. Price: US$199.95.

Gymshark Knee Sleeves

Runners need all the support they can get when it comes to their knees. Gymshark is the brainchild of a British youngster who made savvy use of social platforms to propel his gym brand to unbelievable heights. Fortunately, the quality of the clothing and gear can back up the popularity, and with low prices across the board, it’s no wonder this relatively new brand has become so renowned.

Their Knee Sleeves have been forged to keep knees safe, secure, and supported, and any runner will be thankful for this practical gift. Price: US$25.

Master & Dynamic Earphones

Running is so much more enjoyable with music, so give your runner the best sound quality they’ve ever had! Master & Dynamic has a great range of in-ear, true wireless, and wired earphones that are lightweight and deliver Master & Dynamic’s signature high-quality sound.

With custom fits and eye-catching designs, Master & Dynamic earbuds look as good as they sound, and are a perfect gift for a runner. Prices start at US$199.

2XU Compression Socks

While you may initially think socks are not a great gift idea, don’t scoff just yet! The range of compression socks from 2XU will change your mind. 2XU’s compression socks incorporate the X:LOCK feature, which provides stabilisation for ankles during a run, and scrapes and abrasions will also be thing of the past for your runner, thanks to linked toe construction and additional cushioning throughout the heel.

Runners will feel so supported in their feet, making a pair of 2XU compression socks an awesome gift. Prices start at US$39.95.

S’well Water Bottle

When it comes to a runner, a water bottle will never go astray in their day-to-day life. S’well water bottles stay cold for 24 hours and stay warm for 12, plus they’re available in a variety of cool colours and styles. Stylish and practical, your runner will be thankful for this gift that’ll supply them with cold water before, during, and after long runs! Prices start at US$25.

Runner’s Bath Salt

The self-care movement has really taken the world by storm, and runners especially need to allocate themselves a little self-care time every now and again, what with their aching joints and muscles that inherently come from their favourite hobby.

This bath salt has been crafted specifically for runners and will soothe their tired muscles. Made with 100% therapeutic pure essential tea tree and lemongrass oils to loosen them up after a long run, runners will be thrilled with this relaxing gift. Prices start at US$17.45.

Gone For A Run Running Journal

Whether your runner is new to the sport or has been a runner for their entire life, they’ll love this Running Journal by Gone For A Run. They’ll be able to record their running results, notes, and thoughts in this sleek and stylish journal that’s also filled with inspirational prompts, motivational words, and uplifting quotes.

With 140 pages of daily log entries to track performance and running conditions, this journal will help your runner improve their overall fitness and running ability. Great gift alert! Price: US$19.99.

Running Artwork

If you feel like your runner already owns absolutely everything ‘functional’ to do with running, surprise them with this awesome canvas artwork. Depicting a person running in a sleek and modern art style, this artwork will put a smile on your runner’s face whenever they see it.

Perfect for their home or office, and available in various canvas sizes, any runner will truly appreciate this thoughtful gift. Prices start at US$28.59.

Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm

An unfortunate side-effect of running is chafing; it’s inevitable. So, gift your runner Body Glide’s Anti Chafe Balm. Made with allergen-free, plant-derived ingredients, this balm is NOT messy unlike creams, gels, and powders, and is highly effective and long-lasting. Plus, the balm will keep pores clog-free as it lets sweat escape and allows the skin to breathe.

Any runner will be ever so grateful for this highly functional gift! Prices start at US$8.

‘Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.’ Cookbook

If your runner is serious about their training, and perhaps is getting ready for a race or marathon, diet is just as, if not more, important than actually running and training regularly. Runners need the right types of food to fuel them to perform better and feel good while running long distances. ‘Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.’ features all the recipes used by Shalene Flanagan while she was training for her 2017 TCS New York City Marathon historic win.

Filled with pre-run snacks, post-run recovery meals, breakfast, lunch, and 30-minutes-or-less dinner recipes, this book will help your runner prepare food that’ll fuel and nourish them without them having to sacrifice taste or time. Price: US$15.97.

Foot Spa Bath

Runners obviously spend a lot of time on their feet which is why a foot spa bath is a perfect gift! The runner in your life can soak their feet in lovely hot water, and deeply massage them on 4 pairs of rollers after an arduous run.

This foot spa bath also has a jacuzzi-like bubbles feature that’ll stroke your runner’s soles and will effectively comfort their feet. Any runner will seriously love this gift! Price: US$54.99.